Gu Teng CNC Machining Manufacturer, founded in 2012, is a product development, design, processing, forming a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise.



  Shenzhen GU Teng technology Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2012, which has got the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Our company has a strict quality control system, a complete system of order management, and years of experience in the CNC industry. We Specialize in Custom Machining parts, CNC Precision Machining, product development, design, and separate parts assembly.

  Our company has explored the market since 2014. The Ministry of Foreign Trade was set up in March. And we begin to provide more services to customers around the world. We provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective products, and superior services every year, so we get the customer appreciation. Many customers let us produce and assemble the complete set of accessories, We gain valuable experience, which laid the foundation for the subsequent assembly of finished products.

  In order to provide better services to customers, in April 2016 we set up Gu Teng Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, which is of great significance to our company. We focus on providing services to the aerospace and defense markets, secondly for the industrial, railway, transportation, medical and professional markets. We have a large number of 3, 4 and 5-axis machining centers, as well as multi-axis turning centers. There is no trade restriction, the firm is committed to providing reasonable value through a competitive price, perfect quality, reliable on time delivery, high quality customer service.

  Our philosophies are:

  1. Hiring high-quality and positive people.

  2. Provide high quality equipment and tools for our employees

  3. Provide a clean and safe working environment

  4.Provide the necessary training and guidance for the staff

  5.When necessary, employees can decide on their own.

  We are the same as other companies, our main goals are to expand the market business, provide high quality services and generate reasonable profits. We believe that the best way to achieve the goal is to provide our customers with outstanding services in various fields, including: price, quality, On-Time Deliveries, and Customer Service. We can reduce costs for customers and provide high quality products and services. So they would be harder to find a company that can perform better.

  We are fully aware that we must continually earn every business, and we therefore take no business for granted. Additionally, we know that the best way to earn the business is by performing consistently in various areas for a long time.

  We can also understand that every company is under pressure to reduce spending. Over the years, the cost of all most everything we purchase has been rising sharply. In order to stay competitive, or even stay in the game for that matter, we must greatly improve productivity.

  We hope you will take a moment to learn about our website. If you need to buy processing components and have never purchased from Gu Teng before, we hope you can give us a chance and you will find us to be a very responsive partner.



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