Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our offers complete Sheet Metal Fabrication services: metal forming, shearing, punching, bending, spot welding, powder coating, metal finishing, hardware insertion and assembly services. Our facility is equipped to handle Prototype, Short run and Production work. We can work with Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Copper, Brass, etc.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • GearGT provide a one stop shop for all your sheet metal prototyping and production needs. Our comprehensive range of services includes laser cutting and wire cutting, CNC punching, CNC folding and other CNC machining processes. We also have access to a massive range of post processing finishing options and have a team of skilled hand finishing and welding experts.
  • Our experienced rapid prototyping team has been working with sheet metal parts for over ten years and our wealth of experience combined with our top quality service make working fast, easy, cheap and reliable. We have supplied prototypes and production parts for a massive range of industries as diverse as automotive through to consumer electronics.

  • Sheet metal fabrication processes can be divided into:
  • Forming
  • Cutting

  • GearWe can fabricate sheet metal exactly the client requires it. The process can be customized regarding thickness, tolerance and quantity. Our engineers have expertise working with ferrous and non-ferrous materials of varied types and sizes offers a variety of capabilities involving sheet metal such as bending, shearing, staking and stamping. We offer operations for sheet metal parts that include drilling, tapping, countersinking and counterboring.
  • GT provides cost effective high quality parts fast and on budget. To get started on your project contact us here
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