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  Gu Teng technology always knows that quality is the most important for manufacturing. To ensure high quality of our machined components,we have detailed quality control system and full-equipped measuring equipments.

  From raw material incoming to products shipment,we control every step to ensure all these are absolutely according to the customer's requirements.All products should have 4 steps during the whole manufacturing process:

  Raw material inspection

  In processing inspection

  Final inspection

  Outgoing inspection

  Our measuring equipment:



  Concentricity measurement

  Hardness tester

  Thread Ring Gauges

  Pin Gauges


  Vernier Caliper

  Roughness machine

  Our precision machined components are implemented of ISO9001:2008,combined with our in-house quality control system and these measuring equipments,ensure problem-free products.
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Gu Teng technology Parts Machining Quality Control Process Work Flow

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