Gear Manufacturing

GT complete is gear OEM manufacturer & supplier , our manufacturing high precision (double) helical gear, bevel gear, spur gear, custom gears. including one-piece prototype manufacturing.

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Gear Manufacturing

  What It Takes to Keep You Competitive

  GT provides complete manufacturing solutions for specialized gear technology, allowing us to serve the unique needs of our customers. Our gear manufacturing capabilities range from low volume prototypes to high volume production runs. We produce:

  • Worm gears

  • Spur gears

  • Helical gears

  • Pinion gears

  • Specialty gears




  GT offers a full range of precision gear manufacturing services, including CNC turning and milling, gear hobbing and shaping, and more. Heat treating, carburizing, and through-hardening are available through our outside partners.

  We utilize advanced measurement systems, including Brown & Sharpe CMM Technology equipment, with PCDMS software to guarantee accuracy.

  Our quality control program ensures that we meet all customer requirements for close tolerance work, traceability, and lot control responsibility.

  Request a quote on gear manufacturing for your application, or Contact GT for more information.

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