Your size of the device is how much?

  We have a total of 57,000 square feet in our complex. 51,000 square feet of this is dedicated to manufacturing floor space.

  Something you made any special handling it?

  Gu Teng can offer many different services with our partners. We can offer many types of plating, painting, many different types of testing (pressure test, FPI, MPI), and advanced gun drilling capabilities as well as fabrication work.

  What types of materials are you most experienced at machining?

  We are most experienced at machining aluminum alloys, steel and stainless steels, copper, brass and plastics. We do have some experience in nickel based alloys such as titanium and inconel.

  What size capabilities do you offer for milling work?

  Currently we can handle machined parts up to 60″ x 26″ x 25″. We have plans to expand into larger machining capacity in future.

  Can you briefly describe some of your internal capabilities about your machines?

  Our milling centers offer 3, 4 and 5th axis machining capabilities. We are very good at machining very complicated and tight tolerance parts. We have both Swiss style lathes as well as multi-axis twin spindle lathes with live tooling.

  What markets does your company mainly work in?

  Gu Teng is actively involved in machining parts for the following markets: Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Specialty Automotive

  Is your company ITAR certified?

  Gu Teng is registered with the D.D.T.C. and is an ITAR certified company.

  Does your company have any sort of quality certification?

  Yes, we are AS9100 Rev C / ISO 9001:2008 quality certified

  What are your core competencies?

  We offer high speed precision turning, milling, and assembly of component parts.

  Is your company a job shop?

  Gu Teng is a hybrid contract manufacturing house / job shop. We do a lot of work on a contractual basis, but we also do a lot of jobs based on spot purchase orders.

  Why should we buy our components from you?

  We have an proven track record of supplying quality parts on-time and at very competitive prices. We fully understand the price pressure put on all of us. We work diligently toward trimming costs everywhere possible on a daily basis. We also understand that our customers need 100% reliable performance from their suppliers. All things considered, we think you will find that Gu Teng offers some of the best value and dependability in the business.

  What sets Gu Teng apart from other shops?

  We believe our infrastructure is what sets us apart. Typically shops our size have a very loose organization and infrastructure. We have a very tightly managed infrastructure which is aided by an advanced ERP system. Mistakes and oversights are very uncommon at or company.

  Your plant size that?

  We believe that a “shop rate” is a very poor indicator of what your unit price will be. At best, a shop rate is an attempt to bundle all associated costs into a average hourly rate. Even if you compare unit prices from two shops with the same shop rate, you will most likely get disparate prices from them due to differences in efficiency, machine technology, etc.1

  For that reason we have taken the approach of systematically breaking down our true cost for each resource and applying those costs, as applicable, to each project that we quote. We quote our projects with a high degree of confidence that we are giving our customers an accurate “best” price.

  Who are your main customers?

  We work with both large and small clients. Some of the larger clients we work with are: BAE Systems, Raytheon, ITT/Exelis, Ametek, US DOD, Praxair, Ultra Electronics, Eaton, Graco, and Franklin Electric.

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