This is the birth of iPhone tenth years, all people are looking forward to Apple will Biechu some strokes, such as new design id, AR camera, full screen, screen fingerprint and so on! Will iphone8 be a full screen mobile phone? Of all the n

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What surprises can IPhone8 bring us?

  This is the birth of iPhone tenth years, all people are looking forward to Apple will Biechu some strokes, such as new design id, AR camera, full screen, screen fingerprint and so on!

  Will iphone8 be a full screen mobile phone?

  Of all the new technologies that are expected, fingerprints are most often discussed, especially with full screen and screen. This is because, in the mobile phone market is now thousands of machine side and the homogenization of serious, it is a stream launched the full screen mobile phone. Since last year launched millet mix, full screen mobile phone officially became the new era of the vane, almost every mobile phone manufacturers with their own R & D full screen flagship in eager for a fight in the first half of this year, for example, Samsung launched the super flagship S8 and LG launched G6! Especially Samsung S8, its ultra-high screen accounted for really amazing, like a piece of intact glass, the United States can not be square.

  Samsung's S8 looks stunning, but there is room for improvement, so people expect apple to launch a revolutionary new product (even follow suit). Therefore, whether the design of concept map users obscenity or official secretly leaked the all suggest that apple is building a high proportion of the screen iphone8! This is hardly a secret, but the question is how will the iPhone's fingerprint identification module, integrated with the home key, be handled once the full screen is used?. You know, Samsung S8 in order to achieve a comprehensive screen, had to put fingerprints into the back of the phone, this move has been countless people Tucao, while using experience poor.

  Not long ago, some news pointed out that, iPhone may have completed the development of the fingerprint under the screen, the overall screen and positive fingerprint identification perfect combination. This is the iphone8 is really a comprehensive screen mobile phone key, if Apple really completed the fingerprint technology research and development on the screen, then the iphone8 will most likely be a true sense of the overall screen phone.

  Fingerprint screen, the real key to achieve a comprehensive mobile phone screen

  Why is screen fingerprinting the key to iphon8e's true full screen? This is because the full screen accounted for a larger proportion from the 16:9, before the mobile phone screen is extended to 18:9, or even a greater proportion, proportion of the screen to enhance the compression of the front screen components of the use of space, the fingerprint recognition is the most important.

  Most of the current mobile phones are using traditional capacitive fingerprint identification, and such fingerprint recognition has a variety of shortcomings. For example, capacitive fingerprint identification of collocation in the mobile phone mobile phone must be dug for fingerprint recognition, which is why there is a great conflict between full screen and capacitive fingerprint, no one will want to dig a hole in the mobile phone screen, so the capacitive fingerprint recognition greatly destroyed the degree of integration and waterproof and dustproof the influence of mobile phone; another example of capacitive fingerprint recognition is highly vulnerable to water, we have had this experience, if the finger is covered with water, it is difficult to complete the fingerprint to unlock, so if we are under the water is completely impossible to fingerprint identification.

  Because of the advantages of no fingerprint screen, no direct contact and so on, the fingerprint technology has become one of the key technologies to realize the true full screen. At present, fingerprint identification technology is mainly composed of two kinds: optical and ultrasonic fingerprint identification. Rumor has it that iphone8, which is circulating on the Internet, will adopt optical fingerprint identification technology. However, prior to the news that due to technical reasons can not be mass production, so iPhone optical fingerprint technology is not yet used to determine.

  Even if Iphone8 is a full screen, Apple may not be able to lead the industry

  In fact, even if Apple phones really completed the development of the fingerprint on the screen, it may not be able to lead the peer, because manufacturers have completed the same screen fingerprint research. Such as vivo. At the recent 2017MWC show in Shanghai, vivo has a high-profile display of "futuristic technology" and "sense of concept""! The invisible fingerprint technology uses the ability of ultrasonic penetration of materials, you can easily penetrate the 1.2mm thick OLED screen, and successfully realize fingerprint identification under screen.

  It is reported that this "invisible fingerprint" technology is based on Qualcomm's next generation of ultrasonic fingerprint solutions to build a new fingerprint program. It allows the fingerprint identification module to be installed in any part of the phone without having to open another hole on the phone. It can be unlocked as soon as the finger is placed above the screen. As a result, the integration of mobile phones will be greatly improved, waterproof and dustproof ability will be raised to another level. If divergent, this technology can also have many uses, it can be innovative human-computer interaction, so that mobile phone use experience greatly improved.

  More importantly, the success of a breakthrough in the vivo of this new technology is likely to be launched after the flagship fingerprint of the world's first full screen + positive screen mobile phone (after all is the legendary Apple's new mobile phone), ahead of apple, samsung. It can be expected that once the vivo Apple Samsung launched a real comprehensive screen phone, will inevitably be touted by the market! So even if iphone8 implements a truly comprehensive screen, it won't be able to lead its peers because its competitors aren't vegetarian either. Such as Samsung, such as vivo......

  At present, vivo has successfully entered the top three of China's smart phone market, and has a place in the world. Vivo has always been a technology - based company that has been misunderstood as a marketing and copycat company! Whether it is camera technology or Hi-Fi technology, vivo's innovative ability is evident. Now it's been launched again

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