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Milling and turning our ability to handle plastic, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, copper and other materials. Welcome oem / odm, to map processing and custom processing.

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CNC Machining:

Our facility is fully equipped with CNC machining equipment as well as manual machines to meet the general machining demands of various industries. Our machining capabilities include turning, milling, drilling, broaching, and grinding. CNC milling centers at our facility can machine parts up to 800mm. Our CNC milling will accommodate all of your part needs. The machining code is generated directly from the 3D solid computer models. This guarantees the accurate and efficient production of your parts. Our staff has the programming and machining experience to provide the highest quality machined prototypes.



Machining Process


Milling Device List

Vertical Machining Capacity (X,Y,Z) Position accuracy Quantity
GVC6050 650″×450″×450″ ±0.003mm 8
TY-000173 500″×400″×400″ ±0.003mm 10
KMC-850C 800″×500″×700″ ±0.003mm 2
NC45 four axis 1000″×500″×700″ ±0.003mm 2

Turning Device List

Turning Centers Capacity (Dia x L) Position accuracy Quantity
NC20 Three axis 20″×20″ ±0.005mm 10
SZ-20D Four axis 20″×280″ ±0.0025mm 5
B020C-III Four axis 20″×280″ ±0.0025mm 8
NC45 Four axis 45″×350″ ±0.0025mm 2
CKA6140 Three axis 400″×740″ ±0.005mm 2

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