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Automation of mould manufacturing plant

Now the automation rush of the mold industry is overwhelming. From the perspective of development, it is of course a good thing. The mold industry really needs to eliminate some of the backward manual mode. Automation, however, it is used i

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Hand plate electroplating surface treatme

In panel production process, often used in electroplating, it is a standard that is commonly used in a surface treatment technology, then, hand made, what exactly is the purpose of use plating process? Is to use principle of electrolytic pl

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Development status of industrial robots

Industrial robots, as the representative of the emerging industries to create updated industry through the development of new demand, is the key to China made in China, 2025, is Chinas economy after entering the new normal, drive the new en

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Crayfish inspired innovative 3D printing

Engineers at the university of southern California (USC) viterbi school of engineering are using a lobster inspired 3D print shield to prevent sports injuries. This kind of lobster print armor may be very effective in preventing chronic tra

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Types and uses of tool holders in machini

The hilt is the connectome of the machine tool and the tool. The hilt is a key part of affecting the concentricity and dynamic balance, and it must not be treated as a normal part. The degree of concentricity can determine whether the cutti

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